Monthly Archive: December 2018


Reader Suggestions: Holiday Gifts That’ll Spread The Love But Not Break The Bank

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!! True, true, but it’s also the most stressful time of the year for some. Stressed? Moi? You may be thinking. But indeed, amid all the ho-ho-ho-ing and fa-la-la-ing, there’s an undercurrent of dread related to one of the most contentious aspects of the holidays: GIFT GIVING. It’s lovely to give and receive and everyone feels festive and jolly nestled in their woolen sweaters, clutching their ‘nog, smiling...


Reader Case Study: We Just Moved In Atlanta With Four Kids And We Might Want To Move Again!

Naomi, her husband Jon, and their four children recently sold their home in an Atlanta suburb and moved to a new home, also in an Atlanta suburb. Case closed, right? Not quite! Hoping for a lower cost of living, a smaller home, proximity to grandparents, and more diversity, Naomi and Jon are grappling with the idea of moving again. Let’s help them iron this out in today’s Reader Case Study! Case Studies are financial and life...