Monthly Archive: February 2019


How I Saved Tons Of Money During My Baby’s First Year

In honor of Littlewoods turning ONE YEAR OLD this month, I’m enshrining my ideas on how to be frugal with infants. ALL of my ideas. Seriously, I don’t think I left anything out. You’re welcome and/or I’m sorry. Waxing Nostalgic With Littlewoods’ first birthday, I finally understand the feeling “bittersweet.” As my second, and final, baby transitions out of baby-ness, I’m nostalgic. I can’t say I’m sad because I don’t love the newborn phase. Neither...


Reader Case Study: Longterm Planning When You Have a Chronic Illness

Katie and Arden live on beautiful Cape Cod in Massachusetts and have a passion for travel, spending time on the water, renovating their home, and enjoying life. Katie has Cystic Fibrosis and would like our advice on how to plan for retirement while still living it up with her husband, friends, and family in the near term. Case Studies are financial and life dilemmas that a reader of Frugalwoods sends to me requesting that Frugalwoods nation weigh...