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For the Love of Frugal Hound, Manage Your Money Yourself! (by following The Simple Path to Wealth)

You’ll be shocked to hear this, but before I read JL Collins’ book “The Simple Path to Wealth: Your Road Map to Financial Independence And a Rich, Free Life,” I did not 100% understand the rationale behind my own stock market investments. If you just went into a minor coma upon reading the phrase “stock market investments,” then this post–and this book–are REALLY for you. I too used to zone out anytime someone so much as said the word “stock”...


Why We Don’t Micromanage Our Money

Want to guess how much time Mr. Frugalwoods and I spend “managing our money” every month? A whopping 30 minutes. Yes, we are quintessential frugal weirdos and yes, we save over 70% of our income, and yes, we plan to quit our jobs at 33, and yes, we write this “personal finance” blog. But no, we don’t obsess over our finances. Why? There’s nothing to gain by micromanaging our money. Money is happiest as a loner....


Frugalwoods Reviews: Train Your Way To Financial Fitness

It’s not every day you read a personal finance book that’s approachable, friendly, filled with great advice, and doesn’t make you feel guilty about prior financial missteps.  Shannon McLay’s “Train Your Way to Financial Fitness” (affiliate link) accomplishes just this feat. I had the pleasure of interviewing Shannon about her recently published book, which helps readers identify where they are on their financial journey. Strategies for concrete improvement plans for each level of financial fitness (skinny, fat, and fit) are outlined...