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I didn’t want to write this post. Or more accurately, I didn’t want to have to ever write this post. I am sad to share that Frugal Hound died unexpectedly last week. We are grieving and still reeling from how quickly she left us, but I felt it was important to let all of you know about her passing since she was such an integral part of Frugalwoods and of our family.

The Blessing And The Curse Of A Sudden Death

Last Monday, Mr. Frugalwoods and I were awakened early in the morning to the sound of things being knocked over downstairs. We rushed down to find Frugal Hound struggling across the floor, without the use of her hind legs. She’d had a stroke or seizure that rendered her mostly paralyzed. We laid her down on her bed and tried to get her to relax.

Her breathing was labored and it was soon clear that she’d lost control of her body and its functions.

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Frugal Pet Ownership Starts Before You Even Get A Pet Tue, 24 Oct 2017 10:00:08 +0000 Frugal Pet Ownership Starts Before You Even Get A Pet

Our sweet Frugal Hound, who is now eight years old, had her annual veterinary visit last month–her first as a “senior canine”–which reminded me of all the ways in which we care for our girl frugally. It is, without a doubt, more expensive to have a pet than to not have a pet (same goes for children… ) but it doesn’t have to cost anywhere near the astronomical sums I hear thrown around. Like every other aspect of our lives, Frugal Hound’s care is, well, frugalized. Side note: I love writing about my beloved Frugal Hound, so if you’re looking for even more on this furry topic, please enjoy:

  • Our Approach To Affordable, Responsible Dog Care
  • Frugal Hound’s 10 Tips For A Simpler, Happier, More Frugal Life
  • Weekly Woot & Grumble: To Swap A Hound
  • Frugal Hound Costs $930.35 Annually
  • Weekly Woot & Grumble: Frugal Hound All Around!

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Our Approach To Affordable, Responsible Dog Care Wed, 30 Sep 2015 10:58:26 +0000 Our Approach To Affordable, Responsible Dog Care

Last week, Frugal Hound had her annual doggie wellness exam and vaccinations, which set us back $116. Far from bemoaning this expense, Mr. Frugalwoods and I were delighted to fork over the funds because it means Frugal Hound is a healthy and happy creature. Plus, we had the ever-entertaining experience of trying to get her to step up onto the scale at the vet’s.

Mind you, this dog is very tall and this scale is very small–it’s a raised platform that’s less than 2 inches off the ground–but every year, she is not having it. Shots? Fine. Exam? No problem. But step up on the death scale? Heck no. At each visit, the vet has to pick her up and hoist her on top of said scale (which, by the way, is covered with a soft pad) where she proceeds to tremble and quiver for reasons known only to her walnut-sized brain.

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Frugal Hound’s 10 Tips For A Simpler, Happier, More Frugal Life Fri, 26 Jun 2015 10:45:59 +0000 Frugal Hound’s 10 Tips For A Simpler, Happier, More Frugal Life

Frugal Hound turned six last week! Our little greyhound is entering doggie middle age. And she couldn’t be cuter! To mark the occasion, we presented her with a pterodactyl toy we bought for $2 a year ago–oh yes, I’ve been known to buy dog toys on sale well in advance of the celebratory day.

Sweet, devoted Frugal Hound is our constant companion on this frugal journey and hasn’t complained one bit about our cost-saving measures. While I believe it’s entirely possible to care for pets frugally, there’s no doubt they’re an extra expense. All told, the Hound costs us around $900 each year.

Nothing to sneeze at, but vastly less than if we took her to a groomer, had a dog walker, and paid to board her when we travel. Although she’s a luxury in our lives, we value her presence much more than that $900.

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Weekly Woot & Grumble: To Swap A Hound Fri, 24 Oct 2014 10:40:39 +0000 Weekly Woot & Grumble: To Swap A Hound


Although she deems it unfair, Mr. Frugalwoods and I do travel without Frugal Hound from time to time. And when we do, we never pay to board her. In fact, we’ve never paid for her to stay anywhere. How could this be? (And, no, we do not leave her home alone or with a rogue band of squirrels.)

Rather, we’ve tapped into the amazingly interconnected, nosy, helpful, and sweet network of Dog People. Early on in our ownership of the Hound, we realized that everyone wants to talk about their dog with you and your dog. It’s great! I now have an epic repository of dog-related knowledge (which would be useful if Frugal Hound was a regular dog and not the odd little house-deer greyhound that she is).

Other people with dogs also need places for their dogs to stay when they vacation and so, we swap dogs!

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Weekly Woot & Grumble: Frugal Hound All Around! Fri, 29 Aug 2014 12:48:46 +0000 Weekly Woot & Grumble: Frugal Hound All Around!


Mr. Frugalwoods and I recently marked the two year anniversary of our adoption of Frugal Hound! It only seems right to celebrate her in this week’s woot.

We know she’s just a dog (I swear!), but she brings an immense amount of joy into our lives. Her lack of awareness about the world around her is refreshing and hilarious.

Annnddd only slightly alarming. Let’s just say she would not survive in the wild. Frugal Hound is not what you would call a “smart” dog, but she is an adorable little pumpkin-peanut.

If we have a bad day at work, or current events are depressing, or we don’t find any great free stuff by the side of the road, Frugal Hound is oblivious–every day is play day to her!

She greets us with loving little jumps and roos every evening and wags, wags, wags her wiry tail.

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Frugal Hound Costs $930.35 Annually Wed, 21 May 2014 19:01:05 +0000 Frugal Hound Costs $930.35 Annually

Pets are costly and while the most frugal option is not to have a critter at all, Frugal Hound (a rescued retired racing greyhound) brings so much joy to our lives and is well worth the expense. Though we love her dearly, we see no reason to spend serious dough; we care for her in a frugal, compassionate way. We believe in preventative healthcare and no spending on pet frivolities… yet, she still costs almost a thousand bucks a year! Here’s how we keep pet costs down.

Select a dog breed with frugality in mind. We chose a greyhound because:

  • They’re lazy and happy to snooze all day while you’re at work. They don’t require a lot of exercise and aren’t likely to tear your house apart while you’re away.
  • Greyhounds are easily, easily entertained. She exhausts quickly and doesn’t require complex toys.
  • Greyhounds have minimal grooming needs–they don’t shed much, rarely need baths, and don’t require haircuts. 

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I’m Frugal, Should I Get A Pet? Fri, 16 May 2014 23:09:53 +0000 I’m Frugal, Should I Get A Pet?


Just kidding, pets rock. They’re wonderful and often hilarious little additions to our lives, but they’re not free. Owning a pet is a serious financial undertaking and shouldn’t be entered into lightly. While I’m obviously in favor, I’m a cautious and contingent proponent.

Any pet is going to impact your monthly savings rate and should be considered a budget line item. It’s a hard truth, but, you’re going to save less money with a pet in your home. If you’re determined  to move forward with pet ownership, be aware that not all pets are created equal when it comes to expenses.

I’ll speak mostly on dogs, since we only have Frugal Hound in our household, but many of these expenses and considerations hold true for other domestic critters. Check out Frugal Hound’s expense sheet here.

Do your research and identify a type of pet or dog breed that fits with your lifestyle.

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