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Reader Case Study: Earn More, Spend Less, Or Both?

I sort of forgot that sometimes we do Reader Case Studies here on Frugalwoods, but I love them! And fortunately, a loyal reader–we’ll call her Julie for this exercise–hadn’t forgotten. She contacted me last week to ask if I’d be willing to publish her story and I’m delighted to do so. A bit of background: Reader Case Studies are posts whereby a real person, who is a reader of Frugalwoods, contacts me with a financial dilemma that...

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Reader Case Study: What Would You Do With $250K?

We love getting emails from readers here at Frugalwoods HQ and were intrigued recently by reader Jeff’s question as to what he and his wife should do with a $250,000 windfall they’ll soon receive. A good problem to have! Other than swim in it, buy treats for Frugal Hound, or shove it under a mattress (none of which we would actually advise), what’s a person with an unexpected lump sum to do? I want to put this one...

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Should Our UK Reader Pay Off Her Mortgage?

Hiya internet! Mr. Frugalwoods here today! While Mrs. FW is our chief writer, comedian, hound ear scratcher, and yoga practitioner… I occasionally cobble together something mildly intelligible and toss it in her general direction for her editorial prowess. Don’t worry, she approved this post before I published it. Here at Frugalwoods HQ, we love getting questions from readers: Does Frugal Hound like treats? Eh, sometimes, unless the treat is anchovies in which case YES, YUM! When will Frugal...