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We Want Your Fabulously Frugal Freezer Recipes

We want your recipes! As I shared a few weeks ago, Mr. Frugalwoods and I recently came into possession of one chest freezer and are ready to fill ‘er up. Many a new parent has regaled us with tales of struggling to feed selves and baby during the disorienting early months post-birth, and with the arrival of our first child fast approaching, we’re aiming to be prepared. Since take-out and restaurants don’t fit with our extreme frugality...


Our Epically Frugal Lunch Recipe

You’ve asked for it, we’ve promised it. We forgot about it, and then you asked for it again. I’ve actually received so many emails and comments requesting our epically thrifty recipes that I’m literally shamed into posting them. Thank you for your persistence readers, I finally got the clue! Since we never (yes, never) buy lunch out, we needed a reliable, healthy, cheap, tasty, fast solution. Rice and beans to the rescue! Our resident chef Mr. Frugalwoods...