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Let’s Take The Uber Frugal Month Challenge Together!

Note: You can sign-up for the Uber Frugal Month Challenge at any time! Although we take the Challenge as a group every January and July, you can start it on your own whenever you’d like. Just sign-up in the box below and you’ll receive an email a day for 31 days. Do you want to save more money in 2017? Ok, Ok I fully realize we just got over Thanksgiving and that Christmas is weeks away yet. And...


Uber Frugal Month: Challenge Yourself

Note: This is the original Uber Frugal Month outline–see my updated version here. I now have an  Uber Frugal Month Challenge that you can sign-up to join at any time! For more information on the Challenge, check out this post. How much money could you save in a month if you were uber frugal? We’re talking FRU-freaking-GAL. Establishing a baseline monthly savings rate is key to figuring out how much you can save annually. Even if...