Can I be interested in Financial Independence and Early Retirement and also like my job? If you do enough reading in the FI and ERE blogosphere you’ll quickly notice an understandably common thread: folks working for the “man”; wanting to escape the yoke of oppression that is their every work day.

I feel extremely fortunate that I’m not in that position. I do (what I feel to be) important, engaging work with people I respect and appreciate. I also want to attain financial independence.

Incongruous? Poppycock!

What are my reasons for being FI driven while still enjoying my job?

  • I never want to be in the position of having to work a job I hate. I wouldn’t go so far as to call this a fear, but a healthy recognition that it is a reality for many, many people.
  • Industry changes: I work in the software industry where companies come and go. Right now we’re in a great position, but I’d be crazy to predict our success 10 years into the future.
  • Personnel changes: I love my boss. If my boss was to leave I might not like my job as much.
  • Future working flexibility: Maybe in several years I’d like to work 1/2 time? Who knows, but having a financial plan that allows it puts my mind at ease.

For me, this is motivation enough.

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  1. Well said. I think everyone should aim for financial independence even if they love working and expect to work into their 80’s. The world changes, jobs change, priorities change. Even if it only means that you can join a risky but exciting new business or be able to express an opinion at work without fear of destitution, FI is very freeing.

  2. I am currently working to FI and also don’t hate my job. I want the flexibility of not worry about where I work because of the paycheck. I believe I will always work in some capacity but would like the financial flexibility to do any job that interest me regardless of the pay

  3. Same here. I am a young graduate just starting out in a role I like but I want to be prepared for what the future might bring and so want to create financial independence for myself.

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