Monthly Archive: April 2014


When Not to Thrift: New Clothes on a Budget

Yes, yes, yes, even I’ll admit that some clothes you DO have to buy new. But, think carefully about what you really need and don’t loose your frugality! Don’t run out of time and force yourself to buy new. Don’t immediately assume that a specialty item must be purchased new–coats, party dresses, and jewelry can all be found used–I promise! Here’s what Frugal Husband and I buy new: Socks (for obvious reasons) Underwear (for even...


When to Thrift: Chic on the Cheap

I got my winter coat out of the trash. More on that here. But seriously, frugalizing your wardrobe is a stellar way to save dough.  Think about it: Clothes meander in and out of style Your size may fluctuate (it happens to all of us!) Most importantly, clothes depreciate immediately! Clothes and shoes are not, I repeat NOT, investments. They do not appreciate in value and you cannot (except in rare instances) sell them for...


I don’t hate my job

Can I be interested in Financial Independence and Early Retirement and also like my job? If you do enough reading in the FI and ERE blogosphere you’ll quickly notice an understandably common thread: folks working for the “man”; wanting to escape the yoke of oppression that is their every work day. I feel extremely fortunate that I’m not in that position. I do (what I feel to be) important, engaging work with people I respect and...


How We Save 65% Annually

Mr. Frugalwoods and I realize we might seem a bit odd to those of you new to the philosophy of Early Retirement Extreme and Mustachianism or just starting out on your frugal finance journey. Curious how we live day to day? For starters, we’re not total weirdos, I promise! Though we are kinda weird because the way in which we structure our lives is certainly not mainstream. If you saw us walking down the street with Frugal Hound,...


How much do I need to retire early?

Fear of the unknown is powerful. We all know it is impossible to predict the future with absolute certainty, and the farther out you try and predict the less certain your conclusions. If you retire at 35, how can you be certain you won’t be in poverty when you are 80? Luckily the academic world has come up with a benchmark that makes your predictions easier.


Uber Frugal Month: Challenge Yourself

Note: This is the original Uber Frugal Month outline–see my updated version here. I now have an  Uber Frugal Month Challenge that you can sign-up to join at any time! For more information on the Challenge, check out this post. How much money could you save in a month if you were uber frugal? We’re talking FRU-freaking-GAL. Establishing a baseline monthly savings rate is key to figuring out how much you can save annually. Even if...