The usual Frugalwoods snow shoveler
The usual Frugalwoods snow shoveler

It’s a rare week that I commence with a grumble. But, Mr. Frugalwoods is on a business trip in San Francisco, which means I’ve been shoveling a lot of snow… I mean, missing him terribly! In between knocking icicles off our roof with a broom, I’ve been thinking about the nature of our relationship and why it’s so disruptive for one of us to be absent from the home front.

Being Apart = Bad

Mr. Frugalwoods and I were long distance the year before we got engaged and it was awful. He was in Cambridge, I was in NYC and I took the bus to visit him so many times that I can barely look at a charter bus without feeling waves of mild panic. Do not invite me on an hours-long bus ride. I will not join you. I honestly don’t know how people survive prolonged absences from their partners. I’m not trying to be melodramatic, I just think it would seriously stink.

It’s not just that he’s my chef, snow shoveler, chief cuddler, and confidante. It’s that I choose to spend my life with him and we’d always rather be together. I know that some couples prefer to take vacations separately, go to the grocery store alone, and even live apart, but for us, we most enjoy life as a team.

Frugal Hound vs. Snow
Frugal Hound vs. Snow

This preference is one of the big motivators behind our homestead goal–we want to work together on shared projects. We’re so pathetic we actually miss each other during the weekdays while we’re at work (ok that sounds even more pathetic now that I’ve written it down… ).

Business travel is, for us, the worst. It’s like a cruel joke because we love to travel together, but there’s nothing to love about traveling alone while working. The traveler has it especially rough since they’re greeted only by an empty hotel room at the end of a stressful day of work. At least the person at home has Frugal Hound! Despite these gripes, we’re grateful for Mr. FW’s job. Big time. He is well paid, he is extremely good at what he does, and–for the most part–he doesn’t dislike it.

We see our jobs as a means to our homestead ends. Since we didn’t inherit money or win any lotteries (and Frugal Hound’s modeling career is somehow not taking off…) we’ve gotta do what everyone else does in order to sock away our mega savings. I don’t talk a whole lot about the earnings side of our equation, though I touched on it briefly Monday in The Privilege Of Pursuing Financial Independence. But clearly, our j-o-b-s are a rather necessary aspect of our financial independence goal.

Frugal Hound could not figure out how I was photographing her through the window.
Frugal Hound couldn’t fathom how I was photo-ing through the window. Much confusion ensued. Dogs apparently don’t understand windows.

Better Together (and with fewer cookies)

In missing Mr. FW, I realize I’m a better person when he’s around. I eat fewer cookies*, I go to bed earlier, I’m more upbeat. All in all, he makes me happy, which in turn means I treat myself better. Funny how that works! His absence also brings into sharp relief how very much our plans and our future depend on the two of us working in concert.

The snow as measured by our kitchen table
The snow as measured by our kitchen table

This morning as I shoveled yet more snow at 6am with a near-wailing Frugal Hound inside (she was totally fine, she just had a touch of the dramatic), I noted how very spoiled I am by the fact that Mr. FW usually shovels snow while I make our coffee and oatmeal. Or, when it’s not blizzard-apocalypsing here, I take Frugal Hound out while Mr. FW mans the coffee/oatmeal/kibble station (not to worry, we generally don’t combine the three).

And I spoil Mr. FW by washing all of his clothes and helping him pick out his outfits (no, he’s not three years old, he’s just wardrobe-ally challenged). I’ve mentioned before that the holes in some of his clothing could constitute indecent exposure in some states… fortunately Cambridge is pretty liberal on the matter.

Basically what I’m saying is, the Frugalwoods ship sails much more smoothly with a full crew.

*I tweeted about making these cookies with applesauce instead of butter at Cupcake Project’s recommendation. But I’m pretty sure the fact that I’ve eaten about a million of them negates the fact that they don’t have any butter…  Baked goods should take out a restraining order on me. I should be embarrassed. Yet I’m not.

Who actually serves cookies on a plate like this? I only put them on here to take this photo…


Snountain last weekend
Snountain as seen last weekend

Our snow mountain (affectionately known as snountain) on the back patio has not succumbed to gravity, which is a tremendously good thing. As absurd amounts of snow continue to rain down on us Bostonians, the gargantuan piles of the stuff are beginning to shift and move, not unlike tectonic plates.

I’ve taken a stance of trying to simply maintain while Mr. FW the snow architect is gone, and I’m a bit concerned snountain is going to avalanche while he’s away. Let’s hope not folks, because seriously, that’s a lot of snow.

And with that, I’m off to hack away at some nefarious and determined icicles. By the way, we’re up to 8 feet, which is three Frugal Hounds worth in case anyone is keeping track at home.

Do you enjoy traveling for business? Would you like me to mail you some snow?

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  1. 8 feet?! That’s mad. I’ve never seen that much snow in real life; we barely get a dusting where we live. I don’t like it when my husband is away either, even with the frugal cats I get lonely and miss him. I think if the weather was like yours, it would make it doubly hard! Glad you have Frugal Hound for company 🙂

    1. The snow really is absurd at this point! Frugal Hound definitely keeps me good company–she ran into the kitchen this morning just to burp at me. Adorable and hilarious.

  2. Who on earth would vacation without their spouse?? That blows my mind. I don’t care for business travel either. Mr. Maroon hasn’t had to go anywhere in a while, but when he used to it was the pits. I’d stay up way later and not sleep nearly as well. I just like being together and doing the every day stuff as a team, no matter how mundane it may be. For your sake, hope he comes home soon!

    1. Based on what I’m reading here, I’m beginning to think I never should have gotten married. I can’t stand to be around *anyone* constantly like that, even people I really, really like. As that GEICO commercial says, “I’m a loner. And a loner’s gotta be alone.” 🙂

      But with that said, I do envy those who have found someone they love so much, that they want to be around them all the time. It sounds nice.

      1. The Loner–Haha, well it’s all a balance I think. Mr. FW and I don’t spend every waking moment together, we just like being at home together. We’re very routine-oriented (Frugal Hound too), so we’re thrown off when one of the team members is missing 🙂

      2. I wondered about this as a Fellow Loner but in the course of our relationship I’ve discovered that I love PiC but I also really like him. I couldn’t stand to be around anyone else as much as I am him and I’m surprised that I even enjoy his company as much as I do, nonstop. It may eventually come down to growing into that comfortable a relationship with someone, it really can’t be forced!

    2. Mrs. Maroon–blows my mind too! I’m with you, I don’t sleep as well when Mr. FW isn’t home. It seems odd, but it’s totally true. Fortunately he’s home tomorrow morning :). That’s nice that Mr. Maroon hasn’t had to travel lately!

  3. Glad you like snow so much as you’re getting your wish this year! We are closer to the Mason-Dixon line and although we’re not dealing with snow, we’re still getting the artic below zero temps. Our Golden, unlike Frugal Hound, loves this weather and just can’t understand why we humans won’t hang outside with him! Snountain is impressive. Do you have a plan for when the thaw starts? Seems to me Snoutain could turn into an avalanche. I think you hit the nail on the head with how marriage works–it truly is a partnership, each person doing the part that best suits them for the betterment of the whole. It’s very refreshing to see a younger married couple letting the world know how great marriage can be. Thank you for that.

    1. We’ve definitely gotten more snow than we could’ve ever dreamed! Good question about the thaw–TBD :). We’re hoping it’ll be slow and gradual, otherwise, we’re looking at flooding for sure. Snountain is holding fast for the moment, but I’m not optimistic for the long term ;).

      I agree that marriage is a real partnership–I appreciate your kind words!

  4. There is nothing better than good teamwork, which you both have. Hang in there girl! He will be home soon!
    With love,
    California Pat

  5. NO snow, but I’ll take a few of those cookies off your hands. 🙂 I have traveled for business in the past, no fun being away from family. A helpless kind of feeling know if they needed me I’m too far away to help.

  6. My husband and I are the same way 🙂 We’ve been together almost 6 years (married almost 4) and have only been apart two nights since we’ve been engaged…both times it was when I was MOH in friends’ weddings and stayed the night at a hotel the night before the wedding. We don’t travel for work and like you guys, we genuinely enjoy being around each other. Sure, we bicker…but life is better with my best friend by my side!

    Also, can’t imagine having all that snow!! We got an ice storm here in NC – being from AZ, this is all new to me! Hope you and Mr Frugalwoods have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Wow, only 2 nights apart is really impressive! Life is definitely better with your best friend by your side :). Hope you have a great weekend too!

  7. I was in the Boston area last weekend – pre-blizzard! – and the amount of snow and difficulty navigating streets was something to behold. My sister said they had even gone a couple of days without mail delivery, since the mail truck couldn’t get up the hill of their road!

    I’m an introvert, so I really relish “alone time”. A couple of times a year, my husband takes our daughter on a weekend trip to visit his family in NJ, and it’s absolute bliss for me. But I’m ready for them to come home after about 48 hours.

    1. We finally got our trash picked up today for the first time in 3 weeks :), so it’s been an adventure for all of our city services. It’s just so difficult to navigate the literal mountains of snow!

      48 hours seems like a good amount of time alone–I’m not so opposed to that. It’s more the week-long absences that I loathe…

  8. Mrs. FR and I are the same exact way. We dated long distance – I was in Omaha and she was in San Diego. I think that’s probably why it ended rather quickly and proposed after about 4 months of that long distance non-sense. 🙂 But, we get looks from people when we tell them that we love working together. I know it’s sappy to some, but I’d rather not work with anyone else. Thankfully whenever there is travel required for business we usually get to travel together.

    8 feet of snow…that’s just madness. 😉

    1. I love that you and your wife enjoy working together so much–that’s a wonderful thing! Business travel would suddenly be pretty great if we could travel together :). The snow is indeed reaching levels of madness…

  9. I would love some snow! I miss it so badly!!!! But not as much snow as you have 🙂 Anyways – I kind of enjoy traveling for work, but it is rare for me. Maybe just one trip a year. I think what I love about it is getting to relax by myself in a hotel room at night without any kids or husband trying to get my attention… just getting to read a book, maybe take a bath. Yeah – business travel can be like a spa vacation for me!

    1. I love your positive approach to business travel, that’s the way to be! And, you’re welcome to any of our snow–we have plenty to spare 🙂

  10. We lived in separate cities for the majority of our dating life – even separate countries for a year – and I think for us it was a good thing. We grew up through our early twenties together, but also separate – forging similar paths, but also knowing they were our own decisions and owning them as individuals. It’s strange, but I think if we had tried to rush our relationship and live together and get married earlier than we did it never would have worked. That said, now that we do… Work trips aren’t our favorite, but as long as they’re short it’s not too bad and the joy of greeting the other upon their return is definitely a treat!

    1. True–the welcome home greeting really is a wonderful thing! It’s not a bad thing to miss each other every now and then. I find I’m always even more grateful for Mr. FW after he’s been gone a few days (plus I’ve usually run out of food by then and am in desperate need of his cooking!).

  11. Oh, I feel your pain. Part of our early retirement plan means that my partner works a job where he is away for more then 50% of the time staying in camp (yes, we work in the oil and gas industry in Alberta). We have thought about moving down to our property earlier than planned, and he could fly in and fly out to work, but we both agree that we wouldn’t be building a life together. Our plan, when we move down there, is to start from scratch and work as a team on projects like building stone houses or planting the garden. For now, we consider what we do a sacrifice, as apart of our big plan to get us to our dream. But ugh, it sucks. So I definitely feel for you. When my partner is gone, my dinner consists of brown rice pasta and spaghetti sauce, every night… it’s bad.
    It sounds like you guys work really well together and have something very special. It can be hard to reconcile what you are doing now when it is difficult with a dream that can feel far away. To make myself feel better, I review our savings plan, and watch videos on urban farming. It helps:)
    It was refreshing to read this post because I sometimes feel alone with this feeling. Most people that live up here are in the same situation, but they plan to stay a long time and just increase the size of their house or the number of travel trailers they never use.

    1. Oh wow, my heart really goes out to you. That sounds like a seriously tough way to live. But, congrats to you two for doing what it takes to make your early retirement dream possible. Woot for that!

      Also, I love this: “To make myself feel better, I review our savings plan, and watch videos on urban farming.” I think we’d get along well 🙂

  12. We’re pretty useless when we’re apart too. I remember pre-Simple Cheap Dad days I managed all on my own somehow. Now I can’t even get the blanket to cover my own feet when I watch tv!

    That snow mountain is incredible! We’ve been lucky to not get too much snow this year up here. Even luckier, the trucks came to remove the snow banks out front this week. I don’t remember this happening when I was little. Do they take away the snow banks in Boston too?

    1. Haha–I hear ya on the blanket! I can’t believe I used to cook for myself… although my former roommate (and best friend) recently reminded me that my cooking was so bad she’d regularly take pity on me and make me food. I clearly don’t do well in the kitchen…

      Good question on the snow removal. I think they do in some areas, but honestly you wouldn’t know it right now. There’s so much snow everywhere it’s ridiculous.

  13. Mail me some snow. Tennille showed how to make ice cream out of it, and now I don’t have any! 🙂
    I can commiserate on missing the other half. Every time Jay would be away, I was a sad cookie eater too. However, when he’s around, I’m a happy cookie eater, so I didn’t gain anything there, except pounds. 😛

    1. Hahah, yes I suppose I’m also a cookie eater either way 😉

      Pretty sure the snow would melt as soon as it reached your balmy clime!

  14. Yikes! That is so much snow! I empathize with you on missing your partner. Peach and I are finally closing in on the end of our time doing long distance (it will have been 4 hours) and I’ve spent A LOT of time on Greyhound buses going from NYC to Western NY to see him. Once I started making more money I valued my time enough to start flying (or even renting a car and driving) instead of taking the bus. It usually took 8 hours on the bus. WAY too long. Stay warm!

    1. Oh those hateful buses! I feel your pain! Glad to hear you’ll soon be non-long-distance. It’s interesting–we still toast each other on Sunday nights because we’re so thankful that one of us doesn’t have to leave!

    1. Haha–I’m the same way! I’m thinking, how did I make it through life on my own (the answer is: poorly!). Frugal Hound, spoiled hound that she is, owns several coats and a set of very nice winter booties, all of which she hates. She shakes or bites off the booties and won’t do business in her coat…. so, we just get her in and out as quickly as possible in this cold! We do make her wear the coat for longer walks, but the booties are a lost cause…

  15. Hubby and I both travel for our jobs. I don’t go that often maybe 1-2 a year, but he goes maybe 5 times a year. I don’t mind it too much when he’s gone for shorter jaunts (I eat more simply, sprawl out on the couch, let the dog on the couch!), but I do love it when he’s back. He just found out he may have to go to Belgium this summer for 1-3 months! WTH! Now that will be too long for sure. I’m sure I will go over there for a few weeks if that is the case. We have so much going on with our hobbies, volunteer efforts, home stuff – that leaving seems to seriously interrupt our lives. I love going on trips don’t get me wrong, but I prefer to dictate when and where! We do try to look at the bright side (hello, per diem!!). I was able to go to Finland alone in 2012 for work, and it was amazing. How often can one travel to Europe alone?? I brought my library book which had a walking tour of Helsinki and played tourist for two days which was lovely. In November, I had to go to Portland last minute (as in drive 14 hours one way), but I was able to schedule a dinner out with my in-laws who are awesome people so that was good. In March, I have to go to Moab for work. Conference ends on Wednesday night, so hubby will drive down and meet me when it’s over. We’ll just make a long weekend out of it by camping and mountain biking.

    On a side note, we have done vacations without each other and I see nothing wrong with that maybe even good once in a while! He skied in Alaska for 9 days with all guys. I couldn’t have kept up on that trip (it was all backcountry). He also flew to Mt. Hood and trail ran around it (like 44 miles!), so I could not have done that either. I’m not sure I would have had as much fun if I were to go, but I was certainly invited. I have done all girl ski trips with the ladies. I went to Mexico with a girlfriend one year. He prefers not to spend his vacations days at ski resorts or tropical destinations. I don’t make him fly home with me every time I go, so sometimes I visit home alone. I try to limit his exposure to those drama queens. He’ll go every other visit.

    1. That’s so interesting–now that you mention it, I realize we’ve “vacationed” apart as well. Mr. FW has gone on lengthy hiking trips by himself and I’ve gone on girls’ weekends without him. I guess I didn’t consider those vacations, but they are!

      And, anytime we can tack on a vacation to a business trip, it’s golden because one person’s flights are paid for–woot! You’ve traveled to some awesome places for work! I hope you can go meet him in Belgium, it’s a wonderful country. We were there a few years ago and loved it.

  16. At a couple different jobs I had early in my career, I worked with certain guys who loved business trips because it was a way to get away from their spouses. Some of them also implied that they would cheat on their wives on these trips. I always felt a bit sad for them and their marriages, but didn’t think much about it because I was single.

    When the Mrs. and I eventually tied the knot, I hoped we’d have a better marriage than these people. After 13 years, we have. One big test came when I started working from home and at the same time, our first child was born. We had decided the Mrs. would quit her job to raise our children. So suddenly, we were both around each other a whole lot more. It has worked out well though and I see it as a test for early retirement when we’ll be around each other even more.

    However, we consider ourselves fortunate that we found each other. It doesn’t work out well for many though. Some of the search terms that bring people to my blog are scary:. A quick look revealed these two: “husband retired and now I’m miserable” and “can’t stand my husband in retirement”

    I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately and I think it takes a couple that gets along really well to have a happy homelife. If you can be happy around each other without a regular job, that is a cut above.

    True story: When we were snowshoeing (Frugal Friends guest post), the conversation turned to the Frugalwoods (my friends are also fans). We were talking about you and Mr. FW when someone made the following comment: “How did those two manage to find each other?”


    1. Hahah, that’s so sweet of your friends! Our parents actually say the same thing about us–mostly because they’re just glad we each found someone as weird as ourselves! Mr. FW and I are very different from one another, and somehow, the combination has worked out really well. I honestly knew he was the one from very early on in our relationship. One of the reasons I think we get along so well is that we both challenge each other to do better and be better.

      You and Mrs. 1500 have such an awesome relationship! And, sounds like you’ve gotten a great taste of what early retirement will be like. You’ve also reminded me that I still really want to get snowshoes!

  17. I can’t believe how much snow you have. That’s crazy! I almost said FUN but I’m sure it’s past the fun point for you. My kids would love to have a few truckloads to sled down our hill;0) My hubby goes out of town a few times a year and it is no fun for us. We aren’t complete unless we are all together. The kids are even getting too big for ‘sleepovers’. Hope Mr. Frugalwoods is home soon!

    1. There’s an element of whimsy to the snow, but, there is an awful lot of it at this point :)! I’d send you some if I could.

      Very true about not feeling complete unless all together!

  18. Business travel doesn’t have to be lonely! Airbnb recently joined forces with concur to make it easier for business travelers to reimburse an Airbnb (instead of a lonely hotel!) Of course I’m biased, as I work for them in San Francisco. If you ever have questions when you start your homestead Airbnb’s, feel free to give a shout.

    I have a partner that is gone at least part of every other week for work, and I think it makes us miss and appreciate each other, and keeps our relationship in the honeymoon phase even after being together two years. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for the AirBnB tips! We’ve really enjoyed all of the AirBnB stays we’ve done together–it’s such a great system. And, many thanks for the offer to pick your brains on our future homestead AirBnB venture.

      Hey, it’s always good to keep the honeymoon phase alive :)!

  19. I used to travel all the time for work – but I was generally gone for 1-2 nights at most – maybe a whole week if I had to go to asia or multiple places in Europe. The longest solo trip I had was 3 weeks – in Switzerland. It was the best vacation ever (for me – Dad had Daughter Person to deal with, and she got sick while I was gone.) I was still quite deeply in the throes of post-partum depression and three weeks alone, where I could sleep all night, not have to worry about taking care of another human being was great. Now, if I had to leave for that long, Dad would probably kill me. I did make it up to him by taking him to the same areas of Switzerland I got to see this past October 🙂

    1. Oh wow, 3 weeks is a long time! But, sounds like it was an opportune time for you. And that’s really nice that you were able to take your husband back to Switzerland to visit!

  20. I totally get missing your partner during the workday and feel the same way even though we are constantly g-chatting and see each other each morning and night! We also did long distance (Seattle to Atlanta -yuck) for two years and it was terrible, I’m so glad we don’t have to do that anymore. The division of labor in our house is also comforting to me; I’ll make dinner and he does the dishes, or he takes out the trash while I fold the laundry. It’s not that we can’t do those things on our own, we just have a great system set up and it makes those everyday tasks so much easier. Hopefully Mr. FW will return soon and the snow will start melting!

    1. Oh wow, that’s a seriously long distance. I’m glad you don’t have to do that any longer too!

      The division of labor is so crucial, I agree!

  21. I traveled a lot for business toward the end of last year. I was on 3 separate trips 3 weeks in a row, going to Germany, LA, then Japan. Mrs. T didn’t like that a lot at all, especially that means she had to take care of Baby T all by herself. I think in total last year I must have traveled 8 times or so…

    For me business travels are still a little bit of novelty so I am OK with it. I enjoy meeting customers and have the face to face interaction. When I first started working the type of business travels I did was mostly to go to a test lab and spend 12+ hours in there and sort out issues. That wasn’t too much fun and got old pretty quickly.

    Hopefully Mr. Frugalwoods will be back home to shovel the snow before you know it!

    1. Oooo that’s a lot of travel! I can understand how Mrs. T must’ve missed you so much! Fortunately, Mr. FW will be back home tomorrow morning 🙂

  22. I think we should start a business where we mail Boston Snow to people around the world for a fee. Actual snow may change during shipping. LOL. Sorry I think I am going snow crazy and just want it gone….

  23. There was a year when I traveled for work, and it stunk. Aside from being apart from your lubby-dubby, it always feels like home projects are just piling up and waiting for you. That said, I went on week-long vacation with friends and totally solo for a few days last year, and it was kind of awesome.

    Has the City of Boston started issuing snowshoes to everyone yet? I don’t know how you all are getting around.

    1. True about the homefront projects–they don’t go away just because you’re gone! Man I wish Boston would issue snowshoes! It’s pretty difficult to walk, bike, or drive at this point, but, we manage. Mostly everything just takes longer 🙂

  24. Mrs. FW,

    I hear you. I don’t like being by myself either. Although I’m an introvert, I hate to be truly alone. Now that I work from home, I get excited around the time Claudia is getting home from work so we can talk, share, and relax together.

    You guys have my respect with 8 feet of snow up there. It was in the 40s here in SW Florida this morning, which is a rarity…and we were complaining incessantly about it. I’m a total baby.

    Best regards!

    1. Coming home to each other after work is such a treat! Oh the 40s…. maybe it’ll be that warm here in June ;)?

  25. Awe that’s very sweet. When I was in serious relationships although I loved to spend time with my bf, I never minded being apart either. I’ve always been kind of introverted like that. I like my alone time just as much as spending time with my sweetie. Damn you guys have gotten a lot of snow. Wow! Hopefully you have an awesome spring and those cookies look SO GOOD!

    1. I can understand the introvert desire to be alone. I’m sort of half introvert/half extrovert. I’m not a fan of crowds, but I like being with one or two people at a time. For me, a cocktail party = bad, but a dinner party = good.

      The cookies turned out really well! I was worried they might taste like applesauce, but the flavor isn’t detectable at all. The main difference is the texture–they’re much more cake-like than traditional cookies.

  26. I think the biggest snow cover I recall here was about 6 feet. This winter has actually been pathetic. Not even twenty inches yet. My “favorite” storm was one that technically only dropped 15 inches but it drifted so badly that it looked like a white desert outside. Drifts at least 10 feet deep in many places. Oh, and it was was some absurdly cold temperature afterwards too.

    The Alchemist and I fell in love over the Internet, so we can do long distance, but the longer we are married the worse it gets. I never travel alone, and she only rarely has work travel these days. She has the harder time, because she finds it really difficult to sleep without me next to her.

    I manage just fine, though a bit lonely for adult company, because I have the goblins to mind – or in this case, Snugglesaureses versions 1,2, and 3.

    1. I agree–the longer we’re together, the harder it is to be apart. I also have a hard time sleeping without Mr. FW. We’re just so accustomed to being together, that the whole routine is thrown off when we’re not. Snugglesaureses sound like pretty good company 🙂

      My condolences on your dearth of snow this year. We were sad by how little snow we got last winter, so maybe your blizzard-apocalypse winter will be in 2016…

  27. Over here in SF, don’t think Mr would appreciate my requesting snow so that he gets it on both ends would he? 🙂

    PiC were long distance for AGES and we did Ok but once we started living together we realized that we no longer want to be apart or, rather, we really dislike being apart unnecessarily now. We have to be, unfortunately, for either the occasional business or hobby-related trip but it’s always a relief to be back home in our routine together.

    It’s evolved, I definitely like my mornings to myself, especially if he’s off working out or some such, but more because he is always a lot happier after a few hours running around and I like my blog time 🙂 on the other hand, he offered me a free night away in a hotel so I could sleep for a full night without being woken 2-3x overnight by Little Bean but I find I don’t want to be away from him, LB, and Seamus! Clearly I don’t love sleep as much as I used to!

    Hoping mother nature quits dumping on you soon!

    1. There is something very comforting about a happy, domestic routine isn’t there! That’s very sweet that he offered you a hotel stay–that’s a really thoughtful thing to do 🙂

      TBD on mother nature. I need to wage a battle against some pernicious icicles again today…

  28. This is getting creepy… stop reading my mind! My spouse is away for work this week as well. It sounds like my spouse is more on the wavelength of you two, wanting to spend all the time in the world together. I need more me-time than that, this week has been kind of nice. I don’t want this all the time, that’s for sure, but every once in awhile it’s nice.
    Send the snow this way. The forecast is for some, but it’s nearly 4pm and it’s still sunny and slightly cloudy outside, with all the grass showing! Our “snontains” look like gravel piles, because that’s basically all that’s left in them now.

    1. Hahah, I’m in your mind!!! That’s a good attitude to have about alone time–I think I sometimes focus too much on the negatives of being apart and forget about the upsides. I’ll overnight you a snow-package!

    1. On its way! Contents may shift during shipping. Frugalwoods does not guarantee that you won’t just receive a damp box.

  29. I’ve traveled so much for work that I’ve definitely grown accustomed to distance. Not that I prefer it. My new 9-5 (plus side hustle from home) lifestyle is a lot more suitable for both of us. I can’t believe how much show you guys have gotten this year. I don’t remember there ever being that much when I was growing up!

    1. That’s really nice that you’re not traveling anymore–sounds like another great benefit of your new job! I’m pretty sure we’re coming up on some sort of all-time snow record, which is pretty fascinating considering how old Boston’s recorded history is (by US standards anyway…)

  30. He owes you big time. Will he be able to get back to you before the spring thaw? At least you have your dog, hot chocolate and cookies.
    Be careful with the icecycles on the house. Also, be careful getting snow off the roof. If you have to hire it done do it. No sense in getting hurt.
    I will say a special prayer for you. Stay warm and bless you.

  31. Long time lurker but had to comment because you described my relationship with my fiance exactly! Even if we’re not necessarily doing something together, we enjoy being in the same room as each other while we do our own thing. Nights away are the worst. Every once and awhile I ask him if we are too codependent and he says he doesn’t want to know what it’s like to not want to be together all the time. Besides, cuddles are the best on such snowy, cold days!

    1. Awww, so sweet! It’s definitely a wonderful thing to want to be together and to genuinely enjoy one another’s company. So glad you came out of lurking and said hi :)!

  32. I would love some of your snow. We are going to be in a dire mess this summer because we’ve had so little snow. Weather is so ironic.

    The things I hate most when Jim is out of town are having to get rid of spiders by myself and wheeling the trash cart out to the end of the driveway. It’s funny how you each have your own little tasks that make the house run smoother and it’s all out of whack when someone is away. I think the dynamic changes a bit after kids come along, but it’s still much harder to go from a couple household to a single household, even if only for a few days.

    1. We have the same division of labor with regards to spiders and trash cans :)! Everything is just thrown off when someone is missing. We’ll see if we can convince some snow to move your way!

  33. That is an insane amount of snow, yikes!! I’ve escaped the bitter cold in Canada for most of this month, it was getting to me. You could send some snow to me, it would melt instantly.
    I’ve never traveled for business but wish I could at this point in my life. I find it odd that some people go on vacations separately instead of as a couple, I have a few co-workers that do it. When I was part of a couple, we always traveled together but now I’ve gotten used to being by myself and solo traveling. Who knows what would happen if I was part of a twosome again LOL!

    1. That’s nice that you escaped winter! We’re definitely still in the thick of it here 🙂

  34. That’s a hell lot of snow. You should have asked someone to assist you Mrs. Frugalwoods. I feel so lucky that we are in vacation now. But I don’t know the situation of our house now. I wish winter ends soon! Please do mail some snow to us! LOL

  35. I have always traveled for work and while some people think it’s glamorous, I hate it. I would much rather sleep in my own bed and eat my own food at home then have to sleep in a hotel bed (even a nice one) and eat out. I hate that you didn’t have Mr. FW around like normal, but I REALLY hate it for you with the snow! It’s so crazy how much you guys are getting up there! I think I just read that they said Boston has amassed 100 feet of snow this winter or something crazy like that.

      1. Hahaha–100 feet would be intense! I share your sentiments exactly regarding business travel. It is NOT glamorous!

    1. Thanks! I’m pretty sure the snow will still be here when you come, so you can visit it in person :)!

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