A note to new readers: while we often delve deeply into financial topics (such as The Privilege of Pursuing Financial Independence and Well Hot Damn, Frugality Works! Our 2014 Savings Rate Revealed), we also like to keep it irreverent and downright silly. Because hey, who doesn’t need an investigative interview series conducted by a dog?! And so, I hope you’ll enjoy Frugal Hound Sniffs! If you’d prefer a more, ahem, financial independence-related post, start here.

Hi, Interwebs.

PoP_SniffsFrugal Hound here. I’m trying to rein in my enthusiasm for today’s interviewee because… it’s a big ol’ cat! I attempted to make the case for conducting this serious interview in person to get a better, uh, taste for my subject’s motivations and goals in life.

But alas, I was yet again relegated to remote communication. And I don’t even have opposable thumbs to type with! Le sigh. I hope you’ll join me in exuberantly sniffing Crash the cat hailing from Downstairs And In Debt!

1) Who are you? What are you? And who are your parent(s)?

My name is Crash! I am a fat and lazy cat. I originally belonged to Dad and his ex but they broke up and my new Mom moved in. She feeds me and brushes me and lets me hang out on the deck with her sometimes in the summer if I’m good. I think I’ll let her stay. Go check out her blog Downstairs And In Debt.


2) What frugal tips and tricks does your human use in your pet care regime?

My parents buy my food in bulk at a store that has a buy one get one free program. It’s so yummy! They also buy bulk kitty litter when they can. Mom brushes me to keep me looking handsome and Dad clips my nails so I don’t hurt him so much when we wrestle. I do not like having my nails clipped AT ALL and most of the time it takes both parents to get the job done, but I always get a treat after.

3) Favorite treat?

Chicken flavoured kitty treats or Mom’s bra straps… she doesn’t like when I chew those though and chases me around and takes them from me :(.

4) Favorite toy?

Anything with catnip! I have a blue fishy that my Dad hides from me because he’s a jerk and a red Christmas stocking that my Mom got me last year. I also have a pink tennis ball, a blue & red jingly ball and a brown mouse with a fuzzy tail. I keep my toys in my kitty condo called “the Crashy house” in front of the big living room window.

5) What’s the most expensive thing you’ve destroyed?

Hmmm… the most expensive thing was probably the end of the couch. Dad made the mistake of not covering that with a blanket so I couldn’t get at it. I also like to chew on belts!

6) Most embarrassing moment?

I get caught cuddling with my girlfriend from time to time (a black lab). I also get pretty embarrassed when Dad puts my reindeer antlers on at Christmastime.

7) How often do you get a bath and would you say it’s too often?

I am perfectly capable of bathing myself. Except for the time I tried to help Mom paint and I got white paint all over my paws. Mom had to help me wash them in the sink.

8) What is your family’s financial plan or goals and how do you contribute?

Mom’s financial goal is to get out of consumer debt. After she is out of debt she wants to build a larger savings account and an emergency fund. She currently works two jobs so I keep her spot in the bed warm until she gets home, then I run to the door to greet her and attempt to sleep on her face until she eventually sends me down to the bottom of the bed.
Dad is part owner of a local business that has been operating for over 50 years. He doesn’t like to use credit cards and is a “pay cash for everything” kind of guy. He wants to pay his mortgage off early and makes additional payments each month to do so. If we stay in the same house, he should have it paid off in about 10 years! Good job Dad! I’ll try not to mess the house up TOO much.

9) What is your best skill?

Shedding on everything under the sun.

10) What are your favorite hobbies?

My hobbies include: laying in the sun, meowing at nothing, chewing on things I shouldn’t, and getting under people’s feet when I shouldn’t. I also like to chew on the corners of Mom’s books while she’s trying to read. Good thing I’m cute!

The End.

Christmas_FrugalHoundThank you, Crash! I feel your antler pain all too keenly as I myself am a victim of their cruel and thoughtless wrath each Christmastide. The indignity.

Mrs. Frugalwoods here: Many thanks to Downstairs And In Debt for allowing Crash to submit this charming catnip-filled interview. Downstairs And In Debt is a 20-something reformed shopaholic living in the Canadian Maritimes. She began her journey blogging from her parents’ basement.

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    1. Hi Brian! Crash and his girlfriend Penny grew up as a puppy/kitten together and its funny they have never really realized the other one is not a dog/cat. They chase each other around and steal each other’s food when Penny comes for sleepovers with her dad.

  1. Look at the belly flap on him (sorry, is that inappropriate? I love jiggling those on my cat, LOL…) He’s got a bit of an attitude in his pictures – the poses 🙂 We have those antlers as well, and man I wish they’d stay up because they’d make for much better pictures! What a handsome fella!

  2. What a handsome kitty! I love that his GF is a dog. I had to laugh about his special talent for shedding. It’s pretty amazing the amount of animal fur that accumulates and the random places it tends to be found…

  3. I’m glad dogs aren’t the only ones who think undergarments are tasty. I’ve had a few holes chewed in mine over the years from the canines in my life! Glad to meet you Crash. Keep on being fat and sassy!

  4. I love when the hound interviews cats since we are a cat household! Spumoni, our little guy, loves the chicken flavored cat treats as well, almost to the point of obsession but it works great for us because he will typically do what we want him to do as long as treats are a part of it.

  5. Looks like Crash is about the same size as Patches, our cat. She’s friggin huge, and only a little of that is pudge. Lucky for her, we don’t bother dressing her up. Though now I might have to just so I can get a picture of her glaring at us.

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