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Howdy Cyber Space.

I remain unconvinced that it is spring
I remain unconvinced that it is spring

Frugal Hound here. Though I hear rumors that spring has proverbially sprung, I have yet to see evidence of said season. My paws continue to endure cold cement and I spy snow piles outside my door. Nevertheless, I’ll admit the temperatures have increased ever so slightly. Plus, my parents have started their tradition of marching me for many miles on what they term “family walks.” Both embarrassing and terrible, I tell you. In retaliation for their thoughtless human-like behavior, I’ve commandeered Frugalwoods for yet another edition of my erudite interview series. Without further rant or ado, I’m pleased to introduce you to Teddi Bear from How Do The Jones Do It?

1) Who are you? What are you? And who are your parent(s)?

Hi! I’m Teddi Bear, also known as Bear, Ted, Teddi, you name it, I answer to it. My mom is a Shih Tzu and my dad is a Bichon which makes me a Shichon or a Zuchon. There are just so many possibilities! I have a teenage mom. Yep! She wanted me so bad she saved $550 to buy me. She loves me A LOT! My grandparents take pretty good care of me too! Grandpa is my favorite and I can’t wait till he gets home from work every day. Grandma is pretty cool too. She writes a blog called How Do The Jones Do It? or something like that. Uncle Zack loves to hang out with me and is always happy to give me a belly rub! Ahhhh! We live in the Pacific Northwest where it rains A LOT. I need an indoor toilet!


2) What frugal tips and tricks does your human use in your pet care regime?

Well, let me tell you, I’m not the easiest to groom. I plop right down on my belly if you try to even brush me and I squirm like a little girl. It works for the most part … well, until Grandma decided to take me to the groomer. I go once about every six weeks. They cut my hair short and then they let it grow loooong before we go again. It saves a little money I guess but Grandpa has to give me lots of baths when my hair gets long because it just ain’t pretty after I’ve been walking in all this rain. As far as food goes, I don’t eat much but Grandpa spoils me with a little chicken mixed in with my kibbles and wet food they buy at Costco. I told ya, I like that guy! Once my family took me to a friend’s house when they went out of town. You know, I was so excited those friends had two cats that I went pee every time I saw them. For some reason my family didn’t appreciate that and they hire a pet sitter now. I guess you could say I don’t help much in the frugal department.

3) Favorite treat?

Oh, Grandpa is good for this too! Every night after dinner, I wait patiently by my cupboard for a marrow bone or Dentastix. I like to guard them for a while before I indulge.


4) Favorite toy?

Socks! I love to steal everyone’s socks as they try to put them on. I found my love for socks when Uncle Zack left one on the floor. I grabbed that thing and he chased me and chased me. It’s such a fun game! I still like to sneak them out of the laundry basket sometimes to see if I can get my family to play! I just get all giddy inside when I see a sock!

HowDoTheJones_35) What’s the most expensive thing you’ve destroyed?

When I was a puppy, with no socks in sight, I decided the green leather couch looked pretty tasty. I chewed the corner with pure delight. Grandma was glad it was a couch they were getting ready to replace. I guess green leather isn’t so hot anymore.

6) Most embarrassing moment?

My family was most embarrassed about that cat thing I talked about earlier. For some reason it’s a big deal to pee on someone else’s carpet. I just couldn’t help myself. Those cats were so exciting!

7) How often do you get a bath and would you say it’s too often?

I’m bathed too often without a doubt. I get bathed at the groomer’s and boy does that whole process wear me out. Can I just say I loooove the dog park, but, I go straight to the bathtub after I’ve been there. Then, when my hair gets long, me and the bathtub have a party every week. I try to jump out sometimes and I succeeded a few days ago. Too bad Grandpa shuts the bathroom door so I didn’t get far.

8) What is your family’s financial plan or goals and how do you contribute?

My Grandpa talked about retiring in about nine years. That’s when his pension kicks in but they plan to help get my mom and Uncle Zack through college too. My mom thinks I’m going to college with her. Grandma doesn’t seem so sure. I’ve slowed down on chewing things that don’t belong to me, besides socks, and I’m thinking that’s a great financial contribution! I also try to keep the family healthy by taking them for walks.

HowDoTheJones_59) What is your best skill?

I am an awesome watch dog! I cuddle with my mom all night and keep a watchful eye and I bark if I hear anything weird. Oh, I’m also pretty good at getting through the barrier Grandpa put up to keep me out of the flower garden. Last night I got stuck on the other side though and it took them a while to figure it out. Not sure if I want to do that again, especially after dark. Probably my all time best skill is stuffing removal. I can remove the stuffing from just about anything. That white fluffy stuff is just so fun!

10) What do you do all day?

I’m usually pretty sleepy after keeping watch over my mom all night so I try to rest up on the couch in the music room. The music room is perfect since it’s in the front of the house and I can hear if someone is coming home! I also have my very own stool by the front window where I sit, rest my chin on the windowsill, and dream. Cats occasionally dare to cross my yard but, no worries, I let them know who’s boss!


The End

Thank you,Teddi Bear! I heartily agree that cats are rather exciting beasts who should be investigated thoroughly, yet with caution…

Mrs. Frugalwoods here: Many thanks to Jayleen from How Do The Jones Do It? for assisting Teddi Bear with his delightful interview. Jayleen is a forty-ish mom of a tween and teen and wife to one awesome domestic god (whom also happens to be a Vice Principal). She often catches herself asking ‘how do they do that?’ She says it’s not a matter of comparing ourselves to the Joneses, it’s a willingness to seek knowledge and understanding. Jayleen is convinced that each of us has a little piece of the Joneses in us and someone just might be looking at YOU wondering, ‘how did they do that?’

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  1. Sadly when our punkin decided to chew on the leather couch it was not very old. It’s a small spot but it sticks out like a sore thumb to me since I know it’s there. Teddi Bear you are adorable but then again I have a special fodness for Shih Tzus.

  2. Nice to meet you Teddi Bear. My boy, Biscuit, also has a laundry list of names, but somehow, he always knows when I’m talking to him. He’d probably pee on the carpet over cats, too!

  3. The pictures where he’s sitting up and looking out the window are completely adorable. And he would get very excited coming to the Palazzo di Mandalay as SEVEN cats live here! Fortunately we have hardwood floors …

  4. What a cutie! Our pup loves to steal socks too. He can be very sneaky if he wants to give them a good chew or he will parade in front of us if he wants to be chased. He also likes to sleep all day, so it sounds like he and Teddi Bear have quite a bit in common.

    1. Thank you, Jessica. Isn’t it funny they know how to provoke us to do exactly what they want. Seriously! When Teddi Bear wants to play, no one can resist;0) Even though they sleep all day, we can be thankful they keep the night watch!

  5. Frugalwoods,

    Very entertaining post! If only we could all simplify our needs down to chewing on the occasional couch, I’m sure humans as a species would be far more content overall!

    – Ryan from GRB

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