A note to new readers: while we often delve deeply into financial topics (such as The Privilege of Pursuing Financial Independence and 11 Ways To Be A Frugal Weirdo And Love It), we also like to keep it irreverent and downright silly. Because hey, who doesn’t need an investigative interview series conducted by a dog?! And so, I hope you’ll enjoy Frugal Hound Sniffs! If you’d prefer a more, ahem, financial independence-related post, start here.

Howdy, Cyber Space.

One of the first photos on Frugalwoods

Frugal Hound here, your one and only source for pet interviews with a personal finance flair. Today I’m joined by pet royalty–Lady Sally of Messy Money. I too have tried convincing my parents servants that I’m of a royal bloodline, but they still persist in calling me Peanut-Pumpkin and other such degrading names not fit for a noblewoman. The shame.

Here is a photo of me looking regal in my royal fascinator. I’m sure you’ll agree I look stunning, since I know I photograph well. And now, please join me in sniffing Sally!

1) Who are you? What are you? And who are your parent(s)?

Greetings. I am Sally, Grand Duchess of Rothesay-Burgandy. I hold a royal title due to my lineage, which includes bloodlines from both Scottish (West Highland) and French (Poodle) dynasties. My servants are free to address me by the informal “Miss Sally,” although I expect to be announced as “Lady Sally” at formal gatherings.

I am fortunate because I have not one, but two homes that I stay at seasonally. My summer home is on the lake shore and I stay in my palace during the winter. I have two sets of servants, one at each of my residences. You may know May from Messy Money–she is my Lady in Waiting for six months of the year.


2) What frugal tips and tricks does your human use in your pet care regime?

My handlers prefer grooming me themselves and you may be able to tell from my photographs that they are woefully inadequate groomers. Good help is hard to find. Once a year, I have a professional grooming session in advance of my royal Christmas tour.

3) Favorite treat?

I would eat just about anything if you let me. I have food allergies though, so I am served food and treats without additives or preservatives.


4) Favorite toy?

I love my Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball. I will spend hours trying to get the treats out — you should try it Frugal Hound!

5) What’s the most expensive thing you’ve destroyed?

Nothing comes to mind. I do have a habit of leaving muddy paw prints on the floor if my royal wipers are not at the door to assist me…


6) Most embarrassing moment?

I like to run! I can run like the wind. I would like to challenge you to a race, Frugal Hound! One time I was running through snow in the backyard and I fell face first into some deep snow and I had built up so much momentum that I flipped right over — hindend over head — and my servants laughed and laughed.

7) How often do you get a bath and would you say it’s too often?

I am not a fan of baths but I understand that I have a certain public image I need to maintain. If I am not satisfied with the bath I have received, I will let my royal handlers know by rolling in piles of dirt and digging holes in the backyard immediately after my bath.


8) What is your family’s financial plan or goals and how do you contribute?

Splitting my time between two different residences helps reduce the costs of pet ownership for my co-owners (aka servants). They each split the costs of caring for me and are free to travel without having to worry about caring for me or arranging for additional servants. Of course they miss me like crazy when I leave for the season and it makes them that much more loyal to me!

I also help keep the wildlife out of the vegetable garden. I chase the wild hares and dig for moles in the backyard. It’s like the royal fox hunt but with rabbits and moles instead!

9) What is your best skill?

When I am not running, I am napping. Actually, I think I’m currently late for my third nap of the day.

Ta-ta Frugal Hound. Let me know if you’re up for that race!


The End

Thank you, Sally! I must say, two sets of parents sounds quite ingenious and frugal. I wonder if I could find second parents who would give me more treats…

Mrs. Frugalwoods here: Many thanks to May from Messy Money for allowing Lady Sally to submit her royal interview. May is a self-proclaimed financial misfit who over-shares her financial mis-adventures at Messy Money

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    1. Thanks Brian. She wasn’t a fan of the headgear but tried to be a good sport. Frugal hound could teach her a thing or two about modelling.

  1. Thank you Frugal hound. It was a pleasure and I have no doubt of your royal bloodline. Our humans may think they are in charge but we really know who rules the roost. Understand that you have a very full social calendar but hope we have the chance to meet again.

    1. Frugal Hound says she appreciates the acknowledgement of her royalty ;). Thank you so much for joining us on Frugalwoods–it was a pleasure to have you!

  2. I was a bit confused with the idea of pet interviews but now I look forward to each one. It’s much more fun than typical “Links” page and thanks to the series I have found plenty of new valuable sites to explore. Thanks Frugal Hound! 🙂

  3. I love the idea of shared pet ownership! I would love to get a dog but my work and travel schedule really wouldn’t allow it. Sharing responsibilities seems like a great way to experiences the joys of pet ownership without taking on the full burden yourself.

    1. It has worked out really well for us – I do miss her though when she leaves. You could dog sit maybe or borrow a neighbor’s dog?

    1. Thanks. For a short, stout dog she runs amazingly fast. She races the hound next door all the time and wins (or maybe the hound lets her….) but a joy to watch.

    1. It does take some time to adjust – Sally adjusts faster than I do but on the bright side I get to visit her often and she is always over the moon to see me and we can travel without worry.

  4. Kitty Paragon is actually named after a Roman empress, but we very disrespectfully call her “kitty.” Or just “Livia.” Never “Empress.”

    There used to be an Augustus or “Gus,” who went with her, but they didn’t get along. Someday we will have to explain to Little Brother that he shares his (middle) name and his nickname with a cat we used to have.

    1. Are you saying you kept a pet name in the family? That is an awesome middle name story to share because middle names alway generate stories and questions. I don’t know if Sally has ever met a kitty? Would be interested to see how she would get along with a feline, especially an empress.

  5. Ah thanks Kay. Right back at ya! I have not tried your “un-brushing” challenge yet – but maybe after I get a haircut.

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