Edited July 3, 2018:  Hi everybody! We seem to be having some tech problems with our email provider and it looks like the emails are being sent out a day behind. Mr. Frugalwoods is trying to rectify this with the company, but in the meantime, we’ll consider it our laid-back summer style of UFM . Fear not, all of the emails will be sent, they’re just a day behind. I am really sorry about that!!

Get ready and get set because the Uber Frugal Month Group Challenge kicks off today, Sunday, July 1, 2018!!! If you haven’t signed up yet, fear not, there’s still plenty of time to join us! Simply sign-up in the box below before 11:59PM EST tonight and you’ll be on track with the group. Note that you can take the UFM Challenge at any time, but we’re taking it together this month as an awesome, powerful, frugal group like we did back in January. So don’t delay!

Uber Frugal Month Challenge Signup

We all need encouragement and inspiration on our financial journey! Sign-up to receive an email a day from me for 31 days starting July 1, 2018. Every email has a tip, a mantra, an action item, and recommended reading, all designed to help you transform your finances.

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We’re going to have fireworks in our wallets! In a good way, people. We’re going to be saving money like nobody’s business (well, like our business, actually) and we’re going to embark on a transformative journey to analyze the mechanics and the mindset behind our spending. The Uber Frugal Month is intended to guide you through the process of saving as much money as you possibly can, but more importantly, it’s a re-set for the consumer mindset that many of us get caught up in. This month will challenge you to think not just about where you’re spending your money, but why you’re spending it. Reforming your relationship with money isn’t a simple question of spending less and saving more, it’s a question of performing a holistic reflection on your priorities and how they relate to your money.

The No Regrets Challenge

Fireworks in our wallets!

Our theme for this Group Challenge is NO REGRETS! So don’t regret not joining us! The beauty of taking the Challenge with a group is the accountability that stems from knowing so many other people are on the same path. You can join the Uber Frugal Month Facebook group for conversations and support, guided by me, every single day of the Challenge. While the Challenge is available to take at any time, I only moderate the Facebook group in January and July.

Money isn’t the root of happiness, or of evil, or of anything other than utility. But how we use our money has a major impact on the type of life we’ll lead and the type of future we’ll be able to create for ourselves. Ignoring our finances because they’re boring or complicated or frightening or unknown doesn’t solve anything.

There’s no freedom in ignorance and it’s impossible to make concrete plans without concrete numbers. If you’re in a place of fear over your money, let go of that fear now. Allow yourself to enter into this Challenge Month with no regrets and with a commitment to living a life of no regrets. Grant yourself the peace and the freedom of knowing that your money is well managed.

For more information and details on the Challenge, check out the following:

Are you joining us for the Challenge?

Uber Frugal Month Challenge Signup

We all need encouragement and inspiration on our financial journey! Sign-up to receive an email a day from me for 31 days starting July 1, 2018. Every email has a tip, a mantra, an action item, and recommended reading, all designed to help you transform your finances.

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    1. The first time I did the challenge it was more a learning experience about my relationship with money. There are great daily affirmations and discussions and more than anything you will learn about yourself. This was not a one and done type of challenge for me. They are usually done about every 6 months and I consider them a tuneup of sorts, like a maintenance appointment for your car. Each time I get more motivated about different areas regarding my finances. Have fun, journal, and get some great tips.

  1. I love your posts! Even when I have made an error, I am learning not to hate myself! There is always something to learn and because my husband and I are living on social security, everything you write helps us more than you know. Of course, we had a great plan, but life happens and we were blown out of the water. As our financial guy says you two are doing just fine. It doesn’t feel that way at times. Thanks for letting us know that it is OK to NOT “keep up with the Jones”, always have the nice clothes, nice car, etc.

  2. At last the day I have been waiting for can’t wait to see what you have in store for us this month.

  3. This is my second time joining the UFM challenge. Excited to press the reset button on my expenses! Thanks for doing this twice a year Mrs F – I look forward to your daily morning posts.

  4. Thank you Mrs Frugalwood for putting this together. I have been waiting since March after reading your book to join the UFM and congratulations on Littlefrugalwood

  5. I have not received my first email from you yet despite signing up and receiving a confirmation message from you on 19th June. There is nothing in my spam folder. Can you look into this please. I have completed your challenge twice before and you’re motivating messages are invaluable. Many thanks

  6. I, also, have signed up and received confirmation for the last three Uber challenges and never have received any any emails. I did check my junk folder. Any ideas?

  7. Looking forward to doing this. Thanks for all the time and effort you both put in to help people you have never met. God bless you.

  8. So, I’m signed up for my second UFMC and looking forward to it. We use Personal Capital, but I’ve been really frustrated with it as I can’t seem to figure out how to split a transaction (for example, when I go to Costco I pick up groceries but also household supplies, which are two different budget categories for us). I’ve contacted PC and asked how to do this, and they say “Sure, you can do it!” but don’t tell me how. Anyone have advice on this? I can export from Personal Capital to a spreadsheet and split transactions there, but then I miss out on the great graphics / dashboard features of Personal Capital, and I’d really love to have that for this month. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for what I know will be a really great experience!

  9. I have missed three days of frugality because I just saw the challenge today. I trust I can still jump on board. Money terrifies me. It has ridden my back like a vicious dictator for years. I appreciate any help you can suggest.

  10. Second time through, trying to find a way to motivate my husband! It’s just as great the second time around, thanks Liz!

    I just finished researching the free museum passes our local library offers, and even cut my own hair this morning. And it’s cute, too!

  11. I am late joining. Just learned about you. I am going to go back and read through your whole blog. I heard you speak on the Journey to Launch Podcast. I am fine with joining late and missing the first few emails if that is cool with you.

  12. Thank you for your UCM emails, I find them really worthwhile. I’m not on any social media so for feedback I looked up this post. Thanks again, looking forward to the next topics to give some good thinking (and next an action boost). J.

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