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Happy New Year! Welcome to 2019 and welcome to day 1 of the January 2019 Uber Frugal Month Group Challenge! We start every year off right by completing the UFM Challenge as one giant Frugalwoods group. If you haven’t signed up yet, there’s still time to join us. Put your email address into the box below by 11:59pm EST tonight (January 1, 2019) and you’ll be on track with the group:

Uber Frugal Month Challenge Signup

We all need encouragement and inspiration on our financial journey! Sign-up to receive an email a day from me for 31 days starting January 1, 2019. Every email has a tip, a mantra, an action item, and recommended reading, all designed to help you transform your finances.

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Note: you can take the UFM Challenge at any time throughout the year, but we take the Challenge together every January and July. 

Winter on the homestead!

If you’re casting around today trying to figure out how to reform yourself in a positive way, or hoping for a free new year’s challenge, or just really want to receive an email from me every day for 31 days, then you’re in luck.

The Uber Frugal Month Challenge is awesome, free, and has 31 daily emails from moi. Through this Challenge, we’re going to save money like nobody’s business (well, like our business, actually) and we’re going to embark on a transformative journey to analyze the mechanics and the mindset behind our spending.

The Uber Frugal Month guides you through the process of saving as much money as you possibly can, but more importantly, it provides a re-set for the consumer mindset that many of us get caught up in. This month prompts you to think not just about where you’re spending your money, but why you’re spending it. Reforming your relationship with money isn’t a simple question of spending less and saving more, it’s a question of performing a holistic reflection on your priorities and how they relate to your money.

The Best Form Of Self-Care

My glamour shed in winter

Our theme this month is that financial health = self-care. In the onslaught of prompts to engage in “self-care,” I rarely see financial health on the menu. I argue this is a gross omission. How you manage your money has the power to dictate the type of life you’ll lead. Your money won’t make you happy, but it has ability to make you profoundly unhappy.

Charting a proactive relationship with your finances is easier to do that most of us realize. It’s not a mysterious, shrouded, dangerous thing. It’s pretty straightforward. It involves some math. You might need to bust out a spreadsheet. But I’ll walk you through it during the UFM Challenge.

I’m not a math major. I’m not a financial professional. I’m not even particularly good with numbers (hello fellow calculator users everywhere!). I explain money in a way that I understand. I don’t talk down to you–I talk at my level, which is pretty mediocre. If you’ve never really thought about your finances before, if you’re not totally sure what I mean by “finances,” then this Challenge is for you. Join me and start taking charge of one of the most crucial–and determinant–aspects of your life. It’ll be ok, I’ll be there with you. Plus, the Challenge is free, so you really have nothing to lose. Should I charge money for it? Probably. But again, I’m not a math person ;).

Uber Frugal Month Challenge Signup

We all need encouragement and inspiration on our financial journey! Sign-up to receive an email a day from me for 31 days starting January 1, 2019. Every email has a tip, a mantra, an action item, and recommended reading, all designed to help you transform your finances.

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For more information and details on the Challenge, check out the following:

Are you joining us for the January Group Challenge?

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24 Responses

  1. Tamyra says:

    I am so excited about this challenge. I’m at the point where shopping is no fun and quite stressful for me. Thank you for setting up this challenge.

  2. Barry W Brian says:

    Love your emails! Love your frugal ideas. Are your archives searchable so I can easily see if my own frugal practices have been covered, e.g. 1) saving received postage stamps and envelops to minimize buying stamps and envelops as well as being as paperless as possible to avoid needing postage and envelops? That way, I’ll only bother you with new ideas for your consideration. Self-employed since 45, saved/invested 85% of income, “retired” at 58. Keep up the good work!

  3. Whitney says:

    My husband and I signed up for the challenge. We are excited and looking forward to the results! What day is the first email sent? I was expecting one this morning but don’t see one. I also checked my junk email. Do the emails begin on the 2nd? Thank you!

  4. Diane says:

    Can’t wait to start the challenge!

    Reusing postage is a no-no, Barry.

  5. Danella Farrell says:

    Here we are once again. A refresher is always good. I know I certainly appreciate it. Thank you Liz for all you do. I love your blog!

  6. Dianne says:

    I need a refresher, the end of 2018 was not a frugal one for me.

  7. Sylvia Kowalczyk says:

    Cant wait to refine my skills from the best-toi! This year its time to dive in completely!

  8. Judith Noble says:

    Looking forward to feeling motivated again. My husband and I retired to a small holding of two acres in the rural West of Ireland in our 50s . Want to be self- sufficient and financially independent. We have no mortgage nor rent to pay, and we have no debt. Only managed this since moving here. Previously we were always juggling finances to pay one bill or another. The feeling of freedom now is worth everything.

  9. Excited to start a New Year with another Frugal Challenge!

  10. Lisa Meuse says:

    I just learned about your book and I’m excited to get started! I am participating in a book challenge where I have to read a book in the month of the authors birthday. What month is your birthday? I can not find it anywhere.

  11. Kris Marr says:

    Do I still get emails if I signed up past the time? i haven’t received the reading list email yet…?

  12. Chris says:

    Huzzah!!! Let’s do this!

  13. Rhonda Owens says:

    Children love cheese and it can get expensive. What are some economical meals you are currently cooking for your family?

  14. Jill K says:

    I haven’t received any of the emails either and I’ve signed up in the past. I re-signed up.

  15. Noel says:

    I’m so thrilled! This is my first time participating in the uber frugal month challenge. I did my homework for the first couple emails and I’m ready!

  16. Roberta Harrington says:


    I signed up two or so days ago and have not received any information thus far. Could someone check to see if my name is on your listing please. Thank you.

  17. Chris says:

    I signed up in December, but still haven’t received any emails. I’ve checked spam folder, but no luck. Any ideas?

  18. Kel says:

    I signed up as well and have not received any emails.

  19. Jennifer says:

    Do I need to sign up again? I’m not receiving emails.

  20. Jacinta says:

    I did your challenge last year and loved it. I’m now doing a frugal year! Im terrified haha but going well. Im blogging about it over on my page, stepping– being a single parent its kinda hard but I know some great tricks from depression era and home making tips from my nan that i going to bust out! Hint, old towels are better than gold!

  21. Emily says:

    I thought I had signed up, but am not receiving emails. My SO is, though, so if I need to read his, I will, but just hoping to get the articles as well!

  22. MS Barb says:

    THANKS for the 2019 Uber Frugal Month of tips! I appreciate you and your family sharing your real life, practical tips!

  23. Caro says:

    We made it! What an awesome challenge. Unfortunately the emails stopped arriving after the 14th though 🙁

  24. Crew Dog says:

    Liz, I unofficially took your challenge. Thanks for the inspiration. I wrote about my experience here:

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