Onward to Financial Independence!

The rat race: working to exhaustion to afford to live in the city so that you can have a high-paying job in order to pay to live in the city…

Can you get out? We think so.

The real brains behind Frugalwoods

The real brains behind Frugalwoods

Inspired by the philosophy of Early Retirement Extreme (ERE), our goal is to make informed decisions about our finances in order to achieve financial independence. We focus on spending money only when it adds value and joy to our lives. We love finding new and creative ways to save money and we’re on a mission to share what we learn.

If you’re new to ERE, or curious about how Frugal Husband and I approach it, start with How We Save 65% Annually. This is a pretty comprehensive overview of how to get on track to financial independence. If you’ve never saved a penny in your life, or want to sock away more, kick-start your savings by taking the Uber Frugal Month Challenge.

Join us as we create a fulfilling life of purpose and intention that’s not based on consumerism or the accumulation of stuff. Along the way we’ll talk about:

Who Are We Anyway?

We’re Mr. and Mrs. Frugalwoods: debt-free, 30-year-old, urban professionals working towards financial independence and a rural homestead–‘til then, adventures in frugal city living with our greyhound (aka Frugal Hound).

Questions, comments, story ideas, greyhound photos?                                   Contact us: frugalwoodsblog@gmail.com

Thanks for frugal-ing with us!

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