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I Need A Gift For My Anniversary Like Frugal Hound Needs A Bicycle

Mr. Frugalwoods and I celebrated our 7th anniversary this week and I thought you might like to know what we got for each other. Try to contain yourself: it was nothing. Yep, that’s right, absolutely zilch. We’ve never been hot on gifts for one another and now that’s more true than ever as our relationship matures and frugality blissfully permeates our lives. I know that gift giving is significant for some couples and, I certainly won’t...


The Curious Parallels Between Frugality and 7 Years of Marriage

Mr. Frugalwoods and I got married seven years ago. Yesterday was our anniversary and we’ve had a pretty awesome and frugal ride thus far. Meeting our freshman year of college, when we were 18 and 19, meant that we essentially grew up together and honed our approach to life as a team. Now that we’re at least passably mature adults, I’ve realized our trajectory is equal parts amazing and terrifying. It’s amazing because we were able to...


A Married Person’s Guide To Love And Frugality

This week is all about relationships and money here on Frugalwoods! On Monday we heard from Sam Lustgarten, of, about his experiences with frugality as a single person. And today, I’m delighted to share my perspective on how frugality plays an integral role in my marriage over on I hope you’ll head over there now to read all about it!


A Single Person’s Guide To Frugal and Happy Living

This week, I’m collaborating with Sam Lustgarten of on the topic of relationships and frugality. Sam is currently single and was kind enough to lend us his thoughts and advice on how he lives a fulfilling, happy, single, and frugal life. I’m delighted to share this perspective on Frugalwoods today, since it’s a topic many of you have asked about, but that I’m not able to address from my personal experience. To round out our project, I’ll share...


How Insourcing Strengthened Our Marriage

Do you fight with your partner over who’ll do the laundry? Mr. Frugalwoods and I used to. But fear not, our consumer culture has created a way for us to resolve just about any marital spat: pay someone to do it for you! Don’t Fight, Hire Out! Arguing over who’s going to clean the house? There’s an app for that. Disagreeing about when you should do the laundry? There’s an app for that. Neither of you feels like...


A Frugal Weirdo’s Anti-Valentine’s Day Manifesto

We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, which I’m sure surprises no one given our status as chief frugal weirdos. I could rant about how dumb of a holiday Valentine’s Day is (very dumb) and how terrible of a deal it is to eat out on February 14th (rather terrible indeed). But what I really want to talk about is why my relationship with Mr. Frugalwoods doesn’t need Valentine’s Day. Here’s the thing: every convention of Valentine’s Day has...


The Water Bill Incident

Heyo! It’s Cat from Budget Blonde. I’m so excited to be crashing Frugalwoods today, and lucky for you, Mrs. Frugalwoods is crashing my site so you don’t have to go a day without her (whew! I knew you were worried!) So, while I’m here, I might as well tell you something I’ve never written about before. Yep, in almost 4.5 years of blogging there is one particular story I’ve never told – until now. I’m...


How We Manage Our Household Finances

I know you all spent the weekend just hoping I would publish a post this morning about how Mr. Frugalwoods and I manage our money. Right? Right?!? I know I did. I’ve received a number of comments and emails lately asking for greater illumination of our financial mechanics and so today, I will oblige. I’d especially like to thank Emily from Evolving Personal Finance for her excellent questions after my August 2014 Expenditures post as well as a...