Monthly Archive: January 2022


Reader Case Study: Nursing Student by Day, Restaurant Worker by Night, Needing to Make Ends Meet

John is in his late twenties and lives in a small southern city in the US along with his cat. He recently made the decision to go back to school to become a nurse. Previously he worked at a nonprofit and, while he was passionate about the mission, the work/life balance wasn’t tenable for the long term. John started his nursing program this month and is also working front-of-house at a restaurant to try and...


You Can Still Join the Uber Frugal Month Group Challenge!

Happy New Year and happy day one of the Uber Frugal Month Group Challenge! You can still join the group if you sign up in the box below by 11:59pm ET today (which would be Saturday, January 1, 2022). There’s a lot we can’t control about the New Year: what other people do, nature, our irrational love of Cheetos. One thing we CAN master is our money. We can be the big bosses of our...