Your money can control you or you can control it. Take charge of your money during the January Uber Frugal Month Group Challenge. There’s still time to join me–and thousands of other frugal devotees–for our month-long journey to financial wellness. While the Challenge technically started yesterday, if you sign-up today you’ll receive the Day One and Day Two emails today and then be on track with the group for the rest of the month.

Sign-up in the box below by 11:59pm EST today, January 2, 2023!

And again, this is not the Underwear Fang Monkey OR the Unstoppable Ferocious Moth Challenge–although both of those sound like they have a lot to offer–this UFM is the one that’ll help you get better at money. It’s not just about frugality, it’s not just about being uber, it’s about how you relate to your money, what your money makes you FEEL and how you can chart a healthier, more productive future.

I don’t think money is the root of all evil, but I do think money is the root of a lot of our problems. And I think it doesn’t have to be that way. You too can have an informed, confident approach to your personal finances. The UFM is a month-long, FREE, email-based program I developed as a result of my own journey to financial awareness. It follows the steps I took (and still take) to understand my finances and feel enfranchised to make decisions about my future.

Last Chance to Join a Mastermind Group!

Today is also the final day to join a UFM Mastermind Group, which you can do here. Each small group will meet once a week with me (on video) for the duration of the Challenge to workshop and discuss the UFM lessons. These groups will serve as frugal support groups to help you on your journey to a better, more proactive relationship with your money.

Since money is typically a forbidden conversation topic, many of us go through life wondering if we’re doing the right thing with our finances.

These groups are the place to talk about this forbidden topic. These groups are an outlet to vent your concerns and fears about your money. These groups are the chance to share your financial victories. It’s super awkward to stand up at a party, do the clink-clink thing and say, “I just paid off all my debt!!!” But it won’t be awkward in these groups.

Things the UFM does not have:

  • “Bernie, Vegetable, Shed,” by: Glamara Shedsolver

    Financial jargon:

    • I try to explain everything in words that I understand–not with flashy phraseology.
  • Get-rich-quick schemes:
    • The UFM is about how you manage and relate to the money you already have.
    • Plus, if a financial thing seems too good to be true? It probably is.
  • Shaming, guilt or judgment:
    • This month is NOT about berating ourselves for past financial mistakes.
    • It’s not about feeling guilty for not knowing something about $$$ until now.
    • It’s not about judging the financial choices of other people. It’s about educating ourselves to make the best financial decisions we can for our own future.
  • A One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Personal Finances:
    • That doesn’t exist. Everyone’s goals, family composition, income and expenses are different and THAT IS OK.
    • I’m not here to convert you to the “one right way” because there IS NO ONE RIGHT WAY.
  • Underwear Fang Monkeys.
    • Folks, I cannot say this enough: there are no Underwear Fang Monkeys. Please stop asking.

Things the UFM does have:

  • “One Hundred Years of Sheds,” By: Glamour Shedcia Shedquez

    Daily emails from me:

    • Focused on a theme for each day with a related mantra, action item to complete and link to recommended reading.
  • Education about money in easy-to-understand terminology.
  • Encouragement:
    • To discern your own personal goals–financial and otherwise–to help guide you towards a healthy, life-long relationship with your money.
    • To feel confident about your money.
  • Jokes:
    • Whether or not you find them funny is up to you, but you can’t say I didn’t try.
    • Many report I’ve tried too hard.
  • A warm, supportive community of fellow UFM participants:
    • In the private UFM Facebook Group, which now has over 6.7K members.
    • You’ll receive a link to join this group in the first UFM email.

I hope you’ll join us! Drop your questions in the comments below!

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  1. I think Bernie has been superimposed on that back drop.His chair legs aren’t digging into the snow and he doesn’t have any snowflakes on any part of him when everything else in the backdrop has snow on it or falling.And why isn’t he in the vegetable shed.?

  2. I don’t know if I’m the only one that the sign-up didn’t work for, but I registered a week ago at least and I haven’t received any emails so far.

  3. This was a good, insightful series – thank you.

    I especially liked UFM 23, where you talked about spending money to impress others. This is a big motivator for so many people, but it’s really just a waste and a distraction from the things that are actually important. There’s a great quote that sums it up (I’m paraphrasing): “You wouldn’t worry about what other people think of you, if you realized how infrequently they do.”

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