I once gave Mr. Frugalwoods a ‘70s-era Soviet T72 tank piston for Christmas. And he loved it!

I’m delighted to be writing over on 1500 Days to Freedom today and I hope you’ll head over there to check out my post about a tank piston, an aluminum valve handle, a popcorn air popper, and our marriage. After all, nothing says love like a Cold War relic.

The Tank Piston in question
The Soviet Tank Piston in Question

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    1. I only had those when I lived on a base.

      People think I’m weird when I say I remember those. Except the girl who’s school was next to a nuclear plant and would have drills where they had to take little pills and get on a bus…

    1. Hah, thanks! The title was all Mr. FW’s idea and I do think it’s probably pretty unique in the field 🙂

    1. Thanks! It’s definitely one of my favorite gifts of all time, and a great conversation starter with guests!

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