Give the gift of financial freedom this holiday season! Do you have a person in your life you keep recommending Frugalwoods to? Do you continually send them links to personal finance articles that they seem to ignore? Does this same person  bemoan that their money is a mess? Do you wish you could stage a financial intervention? Now you can!! I am here for all of your financial intervention needs with…

Gift Certificates for Private Financial Consultations!

Gift someone some financial freedom this year!

Yes indeed, you can wrap me up and put me under your tree. Wondering what my private financial consultations entail? Read all about them here, sign-up for a consultation yourself here, or read on for the Cliff Notes:

I work one-on-one with clients to demystify personal finance and break money management down into easy-to-follow steps.

I explain where to start with organizing your finances and where to go for the longterm in a holistic, straightforward, anti-jargon, anti-judgment way, which means…

This Gift is Perfect For…

1) Your Adult Children/Grandchildren!

Me + my parents over the summer. I do everything they tell me to. HAH.

I’ve heard that parents of adult children find it inordinately frustrating when their adult children won’t implement their excellent, hard-won, pristine advice. Not that I personally would know anything about this since I do everything my parents tell me to… ahem… but, I hear from a lot of you about the frustrations you feel over your inability to convince your big kids to manage their money.

It’s hard to get our kids to do anything we want to them to do, so, turn the financial piece over to me. You’re on your own with the rest.

2) Dogs!

Ok not really, but I do love seeing doggos on video calls…

3) Friends Who Keep Asking to Borrow Money!

Send these peeps to me. I will help them get at the root of why they continuously run out of money. And I will tell them to stop asking you to be their emergency fund.

4) Your Spouse/Partner Who is VERY Tired of You Asking to Discuss Money!

I am so excited about these gift certificates that I tied myself around a tree!

We can work all together–you, me and your spouse/partner–or you can outsource it to me and I’ll work with them individually. Getting onto the same financial page with your partner/spouse is an integral step to defining your future. How you use your money will dictate the type of life you lead together.

If money is a hot button, emotionally-charged issue in your relationship, go ahead and put me in the middle of your fights!

Having a neutral third party analyze your finances, ask you questions (which your spouse will hear) and offer suggestions on how to bring your goals into alignment is a lot easier than trying to strong-arm them into it on your own. I can parachute in with the benefit of not being emotionally attached to your life and offer unbiased advice.

5) Siblings Who Think YOU are Their Bank!

You’re not! Send them my way.

6) Your Niece/Nephew Who Just Graduated from High School/College!

Catch these graduates before they make a financial mistake!

Let me help them stop bad financial habits before they start! How we use our money in our young adulthood often has a profound impact on our longterm financial health. Give them the gift of starting out right. Avoid mistakes and prosper! (maybe don’t tell them how bad my jokes are… ).

7) Your Parents!

Many of you have expressed concerns to me about your parents’ financial situations. It’s super awkward for you to ask them if they intend to move in with you when they retire. But it’s not awkward for me to ask!

Are you concerned your parents might think that YOU are their retirement plan? Send them to me. Many of us (me included) don’t want to broach the topic of our parents’ finances because they’re our elders and it feels disrespectful. I get that. If you’re concerned your folks might not have sufficient retirement savings or an emergency fund or even a plan for when/how to stop working, send them to me. I can’t report back to you on our conversations–they’re confidential, after all–but I know the questions to ask to get them thinking about their future. They’ll understand your concern and love by virtue of this gift.

I’m An All-Levels Consultant

The nice thing about me is that I am generally nice. I didn’t get into this line of work to judge people or make them feel stupid about how they handle their money. I got into it because I could’ve used me back in my 20s when I was flailing around financially (and otherwise…). Most of us didn’t receive personal finance education in school. Nor did we get good advice at home. And so, we launched into adulthood deeply unsure of what we’re supposed to do with our money. I get that because that was me.

I want you to feel secure in the knowledge that anyone you send my way will be taken care of because:

  • I am generally nice. As is Littlewoods

    I don’t expect clients to already know everything about their money before we start working together.

  • I meet each client where they’re at.
  • Some folks need me for high-level conversations around tax-advantaged accounts, longterm investment plans and early retirement mapping.
  • Others need me to help them discern how much they’re spending each month and what their actual take-home pay is.
  • I love working with folks at both ends of the spectrum because it keeps my job interesting and enables me to learn alongside each client.
  • The sessions are guided by what each individual client needs from me.
  • My goal by the end of the consultation process is for the client to be enfranchised to manage their own money.
  • My goal isn’t to make clients need me forever, it’s to educate them on how to take care of their own financial future.

I’m A Thorough Consultant

Mmmm PIES! Also a good gift; could be paired with a financial consultation gift card to become the PERFECT gift. Just sayin.

Similar to my approach in every on-the-blog Reader Case Study, my consultation sessions–and resulting complete financial plans–are comprehensive, holistic, and all-encompassing of each client’s finances.

I look at income, debts, assets, mortgages, expenses, investments, retirement accounts, anticipated social security, credit card strategy and more. I run through every aspect of a person’s financial life alongside their longterm goals and aspirations.

I aim to help people figure out how to make their money enable them to live the life they want.

If you’re wondering if I can help in your specific situation, feel free to email me ( and I’ll let you know what I think.

Testimonials From Clients

Since I began offering private consultations two months ago, I can now share testimonials from some of my REAL, LIVE clients:

Our Christmas tree last year! You can really see the burnt-out lights in this photo… maybe I should fix those this year…

“Liz is so insightful and thoughtful, and gave me pragmatic, meaningful advice that works with my life. I felt incredibly seen and heard by her. She truly took the time to ask important questions, learn about me, my family and my values, and tailor her advice to my and my family’s unique needs. Grateful to have the opportunity to work one on one with her.”

-S.M., Attorney

“Working with Liz on our Private Case Study was an incredibly reassuring and rewarding process. Her analysis and report of our financial situation and goals were thorough, unbiased, and thoughtful. She provided both small, immediate actionable steps and long term planning suggestions. I can’t recommend her services more highly!”

-R.W. & A.W., Brand Marketer and School Counselor

“After years of putting this off, I finally took the dive to dig deep into my financial health. I could not have done this without Liz. There is a lot of emotion wrapped up in how we spend money. Saving is hard, especially at the start. Liz is knowledgeable, practical and empathetic in her approach. She has done wonders to help me understand my current financial health and what I need to do to get to a more secure place.”

-R.Y., Pediatrician

“I worked with Liz at a moment of complete stress and terror in my life as my husband lost his job due to the pandemic. I suddenly became the primary breadwinner in our family and felt completely panicked. She stayed calm, clear, and persistently focused on supporting me to see the financial reality of my situation. She empowered me to see the numbers through the panic and grounded me in the knowledge that was underneath my fears. I can’t imagine having made it through this dicey period in my life without her AND I have more skills, knowledge, and confidence on the other side of our work together. She is an invaluable resource. I can’t recommend her enough!”

-M.H., Leadership and Career Coach

Here’s How the Gift Certificates Will Work:

  1. You buy a private consultation gift certificate for your person. Choose from:
    • Hourlong video/phone call with me: $250
    • Basic financial consultation: $1,500
    • Premium financial consultation: $3,000
  2. You give your person a printed (or emailed) gift certificate to redeem.
  3. They redeem the gift certificate by scheduling their consultation with me.
  4. They are eternally grateful to you for setting them on the path to financial freedom.*

*expressions of eternal gratitude not defined or guaranteed herein.

Here are Some Other Good Things About This Gift

  • This gift will not cause your kids to make this face at you. Probably.

    It’s environmentally-friendly! No manufacturing, no transportation, no carbon footprint whatsoever.

  • It has free shipping! There’s nothing to ship, so, voila!
  • It’s not clutter! I will not take up space in your basement or gather dust on your bookshelf. I promise to stay in the computer.
  • It’s something everyone can use!
  • It’s always the right size!
  • You are supporting a small (very small), woman-owned business! I’m the woman! Employees include: me, my husband, and Gigi-the-dog.
  • It’s fun! I promise, I really do try to make the experience enjoyable. I know that talking about money might not sound like fun, but I try to bring levity, humor and light to every consultation.

There’s Still Time to Join a UFM Mastermind Group!

On another note… there’s a BRAND NEW way to participate in this January’s Uber Frugal Month Challenge: join a Mastermind Group!!!! These groups are your chance to meet (on video) with me and 9 other frugal folks once a week for 5 weeks starting in January! Read more here; sign-up to join here.

Any questions? Anyone want to put me under their tree?

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  1. “ Yes indeed, you can wrap me up and put me under your tree.”
    I’m just over here laughing about a Mrs. FW-sized present under a Christmas tree because apparently I’m 5 years old 😂 disclaimer that actually putting Mrs. FW under your tree is probably considered kidnapping

    1. Bahahahaha… yes, kidnapping UNLESS you serve me wine and cheese while I’m under your tree (and also babysit my children and clean my home for me–in that case, come and get me 😉 )!

  2. Wow. What a great gift and likely to be everso popular. Perhaps we will see another Taylor Swift incident with all the demand!!

  3. great idea—though you may want to look up whether a one year gift certificate expiration date is legal. In some states it’s not (in MA for example they never expire; not sure about VT)

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