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Take the Uber Frugal Month Challenge!

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How To Be Frugal: One Month At A Time

Thinking of making money-related New Year’s resolutions for 2016? Well, I’ll save you the hassle: don’t do it. I’m delighted to poke my head up from parental leave to issue a challenge for the new year, written with a Babywoods snuggled to my chest in her sling (which seems to be her preferred mode for writing blog posts). If your internet is anything like my internet, there are approximately 595,890 articles out right now about how to successfully save money...

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How A Year Of Extreme Frugality Changed Us

Last March, Mr. Frugalwoods and I got serious about frugality. You could even say we become hardcore frugal weirdos. To prove it, we launched our Uber Frugal Month experiment. We slashed our already meager spending and started saving more money than we’d ever thought possible while still, you know, eating and bathing (even we have limits, people). We’d hatched our wild early retirement homestead plan and wanted to see just how far we could push...

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Eat ALL the Things!

Yes, this is an homage to Hyperbole and a Half, possibly the most humorous blog. Ever. But back to the topic at hand: EATING! As part of our Uber Frugal Month experiment, Mr. Frugalwoods and I challenged ourselves to eat the backlog of food in our home. We’re not over-buyers by our very frugal nature, but we still had quite the collection of unique foodstuffs. All that bulk grocery shopping can sometimes come back to bite...

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Uber Frugal Month: Challenge Yourself

How much money could you save in a month if you were uber frugal? We’re talking FRU-freaking-GAL. Establishing a baseline monthly savings rate is key to figuring out how much you can save annually. Even if you’re already a cheapskate, like yours truly, there are probably areas where you can thrift it up. Mr. Frugalwoods, Frugal Hound, and I decided to take the Uber Frugal Challenge a few months ago and were pretty excited at we uncovered.