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Howdy, Cyber Space!

2015-05-10 13.36.27Frugal Hound here, reporting for interview duty. Today I’m sniffing a lovely specimen of dog–Mushu the Shiba Inu from Debt Discipline.

It’s not often that Mrs. Frugalwoods finds a dog cuter nearly as cute as me, but she was embarrassingly enthusiastic over Mushu’s photos. There was a lot of oohh-ing and ahh-ing, which I didn’t appreciate as this is a serious journalistic endeavor. So please, enjoy these photos of a dog for yourself.

1) Who are you? What are you? And who are your parent(s)?

I’m Mushu. I’m a one and a half year old Shiba Inu. My family also calls me mush-mush, mushy, and mushroom. My dad, Brian, blogs over at Debt Discipline about our family’s journey to become debt free. I’m not really sure what that is, but I often hear all the humans talking about it while they eat dinner… yummy dinner.

I was adopted in 2014 when I was 12 weeks old from a breeder. I don’t really remember much from there. I get a lot of attention and love at home. I get picked up a lot and snuggled. I’m often told I look like a fox.


2) What frugal tips and tricks does your human use in your pet care regime?

I know I cost a bunch of money, but my humans take care of my grooming and bathing at home and use this paper cutout they call “rewards” when shopping for food, treats, and toys for me.

3) Favorite treat?

I have to have a favorite? I like so many! I’m not sure if I’ve settled in on a favorite just yet, but human food chicken is by far the tastiest.


4) Favorite toy?

I have so many, but I recently got a new squeaky ball for my birthday and I love it! When my humans throw it, I like to bring it back to them. It’s such a fun game. We play it often. I also like to just sit and squeak it… all the time.

5) What’s the most expensive thing you’ve destroyed?

I love chewing my toys–you know, the big soft things the humans sit on and the hard wooden things they put stuff on. They all taste so great! I also love those white and black things they put on their feet. They all have unique smells and are so fun to run around with. I once chewed up a pair of shades, I think they’re called. My mom wears them on her face to block the sun. Once I grabbed them and we had a fun game of chase around the back yard for over 20 minutes! I heard a lot of new words that day from my mom.


6) Most embarrassing moment?

I once went to the pet store with my mom since she was shopping for kibble and wanted to show me off–I was so excited I pooped in the store. Not my finest moment, but what’s a dog to do when natural calls?!

7) How often do you get a bath and would you say it’s too often?

I lick myself every day, does that count? I usually get a bath every few months. I like the water, but too many baths are not good for my coat, or at least that’s what my humans tell me.


8) What is your family’s financial plan or goals and how do you contribute?

My family recently became debt free. I remember the day because there was a lot of screaming and happiness in our home! They are now working towards something they call “retirement” and “college savings.” I like picking up financial tips while I watch them eat and talk at dinner… mmm, yummy dinner.


9) What is your best skill?

I like to say please for my treats and I can walk and dance on my hind legs for a long period of time.

10) What are your and your human’s future goals?

I’m hoping to continue to eat, play and enjoy my human’s love. They have been so great to me. I really enjoy summer. I recently met a new friend–my dad calls him frog and he keeps talking about fireflies, which I can’t wait to eat…. I mean meet! I know my humans are grateful to be debt free and are looking forward to building wealth. They’ve also talked about trying to help others. I can be helpful by licking faces!


The End.

Thank you, Mushu! Human chicken is undoubtedly a premiere choice of treats. I only wish my parents ate meat more often. Oh the woes I suffer in this quasi-vegetarian home!

Mrs. Frugalwoods here: Many thanks to Brian from Debt Discipline for assisting Mushu with writing out his interview (it’s tough to type with paws, after all). Brian blogs at Debt Discipline about his family’s financial journey. They became debt free in 2014 and have moved on to building wealth and helping others. You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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    1. Well, we once interviewed Mr. 1500’s plastic dinosaur, so ya know, there’s room for creativity 😉

  1. I have a story around a greyhound and a frog. When we adopted our Earl, he had diarrhea for a while. When analyzed, the vet discovered he had a fluke. A fluke is a parasite that has an unusual history of getting to a dog as a host. An infected animal deposits the eggs on the ground which travels to a water supply. A fish, frog, etc ingests the egg. That animal becomes infected and then the greyhound unwisely ate that host. Every vet we have told has been in awe since this happens so rarely and they wish they would have been the vet to discover a fluke in a dog.

  2. Mushu is so adorable! My dog also loves to grab things and have us chase him too. It’s kind of annoying and cute at the same time…

  3. Mushu is definitely cute. I have a soft spot for spitz breeds and hope to get another one day. I miss my spitz so much! Thanks for sharing.

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